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You are listening to Miami, FL CB radio operators running thousands of watts & the FCC has not done anything to stop them
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                      David M. Carpenter which is a city of Miami, Florida police officer.
                      David M. Carpenter known as The Grim Reaper on the CB radio 11 meter
                      in Miami, FL. David M. Carpenter The Grim Reaper is a CB radio 11 meter instigator troll harassing & stalking locals in the community

                      Go Here https://vaughnlive.tv/juststuff
                      to hear the CB radio

                      This is a true story that must be told. FCC please help stop the abuse.

                      This guy David M. Carpenter needs to go to jail for the crimes he has done. That all I know is that this guy has been racketeering & threatening people with his CB radio gangs.

                      505 Sharp Shooter, is a CBS channel 4 news sky camera man operator in Miami, FL. Another instigators troll friends of 915, & Reaper David M. Carpenter. The CB radio racketeering gangsters.

                      When NSA, Home Land & the FBI really want to listen to the story how this cop has been racketeering & threatening to kill people that talk on the CB radio. What I really want is for the law to take this guy David M. carpenter to court. He has & is still breaking the law & he is a cop to top it off.

                      The old recording will be posted on YouTube soon & the links to the YouTube videos will be posted here soon.

                      All the CB Radio operators in Miami, FL:
                      Engineer, Colorado, Highway Man, Reaper 5. 915, 505 Sharp Shooter, 624, Shoeman, Mambo, Check Mate, Pangola 4658, Techno, Comache 55, Loudmouth, Bronco,
                      Tony Z The unbearable, Rude Dog, RP-Rat Patrol 143, Short Cut, Blues, Black Sheep, Blue Thunder 959, Riff Raf 231, 08, Highway Man, 379, Red Dog-ham operator

                      All the CB Radio operator troublemakers:
                      Reaper 5, 915, 505 Sharp Shooter, 624, Tony Z The unbearable, Engineer,
                      Colorado, Techno, Rude Dog, RP-Rat Patrol 143, Short Cut, Pangola 4658

                      All the good CB Radio operators that I never had trouble with:
                      Highway Man, Shoeman, Mambo, Check Mate, Comache 55, Loudmouth, Bronco,
                      Black Sheep, Blues, Blue Thunder 959, Riff Raf 231, 08, 379, Red Dog-ham operator

                      The troublemakers start the problems & then they hide behind the mic.
                      Why I ask? These people are CB radio instigator trolls. The Law needs
                      to go down on them too. People like Engineer, Colorado, Reaper. 915, 624, Pangola 4658, Techno, Tony Z The unbearable, Rude Dog, RP are all CB radio instigator trolls. The harassment, bullying on CB Radio really needs to stop. People like David M. Carpenter known as The Grim Reaper on the CB Radio, which is a city of Miami, FL police officer. How can they do all this, breaking the law & getting away with it too. The FBI & NSA really need to wake up & look in to this story. I have so much more to say but I can not write it all here now. My court day will come soon & these people responsible will pay in court with do time.

                      This guy Rude Dog is a crane operator on channel 32. He like instigating other people saiding "fucking & fuck" word over 30,000 time all day for 8 hours & bitching about everything on the job. WOW, The FCC needs to crack down on the Miami, FL CB Radio operators. BIG TIME! People Like Rude dog, Reaper, 915,505 Sharp Shooter, 624, Engineer, RP are the reason the CB radio in Miami, FL is died.

                      More stories about CB radio bully links here.


                      CB Rambo Gets Trolled!!! Starring AngryMan! Severe ButHurt!

                      CB radio Bullying in Brisbane sparks $10.000 payout

                      From 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM Every Friday night, sometimes Saturday &
                      Sunday you will be listening to Miami, FL CB radio operators running
                      thousands of watts & the FCC will not do anything to STOP them. It is a
                      power trip the CB radio operators have here in Miami & no respect in
                      the community. And one of them happen to be an off duty city of Miami police officer that goes by the name Reaper. You be the judge & hear for yourself. How to file a complaint with the FCC http://www.fcc.com/how-to-file-a-complaint-with-the-fcc.html please help, these audio files are being recorded on a server 24/7

                      Stay tune viewers. The CB radio operators will be running illegal linear amplifier on 11 meter CB radio band. On channel 10 channel 32 & channel 40 It is illegal to do & they are breaking the FCC rules & regulations. (USA) They park at a place in a parking lot 87Ave SW 40 ST Miami, FL 33155 google 25.733511, -80.334592 Reaper, 915, 624, Engineer, Bangola, Rude Dog, Rat Patrol-RP & many more are bullies on the citizens band radio in Miami, FL... https://hamexam.org/exam/12-Technician Check them out. (y) http://vaughnlive.tv/amateur_radio_club 73 everyone.

                      People like Engineer & 624 are Two-Face backstabbing instigators. Engineer & 624 are really good friends with 915 & Reaper. Which Reaper David M Carpenter is a city of Miami, FL police officer. They all are instigators trolls that like looking for problems with other CB radio operators. (troll)
                      Are you Recording all this FCC? I am.

                      The FCC or Federal Communications Commission is an independent government agency of the US that is responsible for the regulation of all communications within or those that originate from the US. Meaning that the FCC has the responsibility to administer radio and tv airwaves, transmissions of cable and satellite tv, and communications by telegraph. It was created as the successor for the old Federal Radio Commission. The FCC was created by Congress via the Communications Act of 1934.

                      I really hope the FCC or Federal Communications Commission checks up on the local community CB or citizens band here in Miami, FL
                      They are only aloud to transmits 4 watts on the 11 meter CB radio Band.

                      Citizens band radio

                      Most of the local community here in south Florida are running over the 4 watts legal limit.

                      They are running illegal linear amplifier on 11 meter CB radio band.
                      The linear amplifier are meant for 10 & 12 meter Ham radio. Not CB radio.
                      Here are some picture links of what a linear amplifier looks like.





                      They know what they are doing, right from wrong?
                      Rule 1 Description

                      The citizens band radio service (CB) is a private, two-way, short-distance voice communications service for personal or business activities. The CB radio service may also be used for voice paging.

                      Rule 2 Usage of Rules

                      You must comply with these rules when you operate a station in the CB Service from:
                      {1} Within or over the territorial limits of places where radio services are regulated by the FCC.
                      {2} Aboard any vessel or aircraft registered in the United States or
                      {3} Aboard any unregistered vessel or aircraft owned or operated by a United States citizen or company.
                      Your CB must comply with Part 95/Subpart E [Technical Rules].
                      Where the rules use the word "you", "you" means a person operating a CB station. Where the rules use the word "person" the rules are concerned with an individual, a corporation, a partnership, an association, a joint stock company, a trust, a state, territorial or local government unit, or other legal entity. Where the rules use the term "CB station", that means a radio station transmitting in the CB Radio Service.

                      Rule 3 Eligibility To Use CB

                      You are authorized to operate a CB station unless:
                      {A} You are a foreign government, a representative of a foreign government, or a federal government agency.
                      {B} The FCC has issued a cease and desist order to you, and the order is still in effect.

                      Rule 4 Licenses

                      You do not need an individual license to operate a CB station. You are authorized by this rule to operate your CB station in accordance with the rules stated in this Subpart. (*also read Rule 17)

                      Rule 5 Areas of Legal Operation

                      You are authorized to operate your CB station from:
                      {A} Within or over any area of the world where radio services are regulated by the FCC. Those areas are:
                      [1] The 50 United States
                      [2] The District Of Columbia
                      [3] Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
                      [4] Navassa Island
                      [5] United States Virgin Islands, it is 50 islets and cays
                      [6] American Samoa
                      [7] Baker Island
                      [8] Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands
                      [9] Guam Island
                      [10] Howland Island
                      [11] Jarvis Islan
                      [12] Johnston Island
                      [13] Kingman Reef
                      [14] Midway Island
                      [15] Palmyra Island, and it is 50+ islets
                      [16] Wake Island
                      {B} Any area of the world, except, within the territorial limits of areas where radio services are regulated by -
                      [1] An agency of the United States other than the FCC, you are subject to it is rules.
                      [2] Any foreign government, you are subject to it is rules.
                      {C} An aircraft or ship, with the permission of the captain, within or over any area of the world where radio services are regulated by the FCC or upon or over international waters. You must operate your CB station according to any applicable treaty to which the United States is a party.

                      Rule 6 Special Restrictions

                      {A} If your CB station is located on premises controlled by the Department of Defense you may be required to comply with additional regulations imposed by the commanding officer of the installation.
                      {B} If your CB station will be constructed on land of environmental or historical importance (such as a location significant in American history, architecture or culture), you may be required to provide information to comply with Part 1.1305 through 1.1319 of the FCC Rules.

                      FCC Fines Man for Not Having an Unobtainable License


                      The FCC stopped sending out CB licenses decades ago – yet the lack of one triggered a $15K penalty. The FCC fined a man named John Hays $15,000 for operating a Citizens Band radio without a license.

                      Wait a minute. You don’t need a license for a CB radio. Well, okay, technically you do, but it’s not something you have to apply for. Everybody with a CB radio is automatically deemed to have one. The FCC calls this “license by rule,” a legal fiction that simplifies life for everybody. Including the FCC, which long ago got tired of licking stamps to send out actual licenses.

                      But if CB licenses are automatically granted to all CBers, how could Mr. Hays get in trouble for not having one?

                      The power limit for CB radios is four watts. Mr. Hays had used an illegal device, called a linear amplifier, that stepped up his transmitter power to 750 watts. When the FCC showed up at his door and explained the rules, Mr. Hays voluntarily disconnected and destroyed the device. But a few months later he was using another one, down to 75 watts, but still well above the legal limit.

                      The FCC charged Mr. Hays with operating without a license.

                      Follow us closely here. The FCC takes the view that the license-by-rule regime applies only to CB radios that comply with the technical rules. Mr. Hays’s overpowered radio did not comply, and therefore was not covered by license-by-rule. That put Mr. Hays in violation for having no license. The base fine for the offense is $10,000. The FCC boosted the amount to $15,000, in view of the repeat violation.

                      Does this make sense? Not to us. If Mr. Hays had applied for a license to operate at 750 watts in the CB band – or even 75 watts – he would have been turned down. For one thing, the FCC no longer gives out individual CB licenses. And even if it did, it would not knowingly license a transmitter over four watts. So Mr. Hays was fined for not doing something the FCC would not have let him do. As in an earlier case, this strikes us as fundamentally unfair.

                      Not that Mr. Hays should necessarily walk away scot-free. The FCC could properly have cited him for exceeding the power limits, or for use of unauthorized equipment, and maybe for both. These offenses carry base fines of $4,000 and $5,000, respectively. If the numbers are not big enough to satisfy the FCC’s sense of justice, it can adjust them upwards (within limits set by Congress) as the circumstances of particular cases might warrant. But we think it is wrong instead to run up the fine by alleging violation of a rule as to which compliance is impossible.

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