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                      Hi and welcome to my cam overlooking Biscayne Bay Miami at the 79TH street causeway and drawbridge..

                      Like what you see here? Wanna help out with keeping it going. Check out the link below every little bit helps and is appreciated.


                      All help is appreciated. The entire transaction is secure and handled by paypal. Thanks.

                      Rules for Mods and Chatters

                      1-HAVE FUN!

                      2-Everyone should be nice to each other we are a community this is not a place for drama.

                      3-Please bear in mind we have people from 18 to 90 in the room women and ladies also so keep that in mind please when talking (Think is this the way I would talk to my grandmother?)

                      4-No trashing the Mods if you have issue you must talk to me privately about it in facebook if you don't have facebook then email . If you don't have either well to bad. My email is frank #060 franktaylorslifecast.com

                      5-The rules are not strict on language mods use your own judgement.

                      6-No questions about sex , sexuality, etc Anyone asking these type questions I will assume is looking for a date, For that I suggest Eharmony.com or if its just Cyber sex Cam4.com

                      7-No posting of anyone's personal information, phone numbers, business numbers websites or other unless its your own.This will get you a Mute and or ban.

                      8-Links are fine however you will be purged if they are to porn etc again wrong place for that.

                      9-Mods please do not ban people on the regulars list below, Purge if absolutely necessary and if crazy extreme mute.

                      10-Most important rule which sums up the others be nice we are not here to hurt one another .
                      Thanks Frank

                      ALL of these people are generally regulars and i call my friends, A few are probatory meaning I have not yet decided for sure friend or foe. If your not here and think you should be or want to be let me know!

                      adambro21 - Canada
                      andyjtv - England
                      Anela - USA
                      Andreocher - Mexico
                      andysports - New Zealand
                      Aroha -New Zealand
                      Beerlife8 - England
                      birdbrain - USA
                      bonnie42 -USA
                      Brian_scott - USA
                      bridgetb -Australia
                      bsdperl - USA
                      bullterriertv - USA
                      cabinfever98 - USA
                      calos1234** - NK
                      camille777 - USA
                      cinci - Germany
                      chevycamaro90 - uk
                      cjtennessee - USA
                      Clark_griswald - USA
                      cosmiclark - USA
                      cortney - USA
                      chris21 -
                      d2qlv7 - Romania
                      da_barber - USA
                      dakota - USA
                      daveinbirminghamuk - England
                      devilfish - Singapore
                      dez3r - USA
                      ditta -brazil
                      dividedbyzero - USA
                      djmusicmylife2013 - CANADA
                      drivemycam - USA
                      drunkagain - USA
                      eafige - USA
                      Earthbeer - USA
                      fmrock317 - USA
                      firefighter - CANADA
                      slippers - USA
                      bsdperl - USA
                      Genius - Canada
                      doublewide - USA
                      eafige - USA
                      FlyingF0rk - USA
                      fordwv724 - USA
                      foxmanshawn22 - Canada
                      frollysmom - USA
                      florida_cracker -USA
                      goodman00 - Canada
                      greendog29 - USA
                      gtyelojaket - USA
                      hfry1991 - USA
                      homey - ENGLAND
                      hoppymop - England
                      humdrummmm -
                      Icuhehe2 -usa
                      itsclay - USA
                      ijenah - Canada
                      IrishRoots - IRELAND
                      Jamesdolezal- USA
                      jhough19 - USA
                      Jenniferloni - USA
                      Jemstone -USA
                      jmiami789 - USA
                      Johnhunter1 - ENGLAND
                      kel - AUSTRAILIA
                      keeferboy - USA
                      keko001 - Croatia
                      kesod - USA
                      johncarneys -usa
                      Liveinthestudio - USA
                      Lacrosse_attack22 - ENGLAND
                      larison - Germany
                      Lars1964 - Ireland
                      larry_ Canada
                      leej_photographer - England
                      Leeo857 - USA
                      lithiumm99 - ENGLAND
                      littlestangel - USA
                      LORDGORT - USA
                      manishboyindy - USA
                      matersamiches - USA
                      mikenyc - USA
                      mr_hawk_ - USA
                      mr_mic - USA
                      mrsunshinev8 - USA
                      MrTouie - ENGLAND
                      muslim -
                      nedrauk - England
                      neil25 -
                      orlandobroad - USA
                      ohionorm - USA
                      pac_run - USA
                      pantherdavid - USA
                      Pantone433 - Canada
                      Paulie2020 - England
                      pedroooooo - England
                      peter37uk - England
                      psycha - Canada
                      Pilotdave -USA
                      pwilkeson - USA
                      rainbowbriteboy - USA
                      reddog - USA
                      Renerenerenerene -
                      rhealey3 - USA
                      rodathome -ENGLAND
                      Robertsmithjr - USA
                      rudus - USA
                      saphy -USA
                      sergeo_saint_james - USA
                      Scarlet - USA
                      sgl12 -ENGLAND
                      slippers - USA
                      snickel - USA
                      snooper- CANADA
                      sodapops30 - USA
                      Solsurfer -USA
                      sprdave -USA
                      Sync5 - Canada
                      ssdisfast - USA
                      Styxmill - NEW ZEALAND
                      super70s - USA
                      swax1 -USA
                      Tavo323 - USA
                      tazm35 - USA
                      tedbuffer - USA
                      thebadguy - USA
                      themvn - USA
                      thiebaude - USA
                      tinkerbell_ - USA
                      tobyfriend2012 - HongKong
                      trident - USA
                      treece_ - USA
                      trevordog -
                      tv85 - USA
                      Txgirl3eb -USA
                      vaincam2 - USA
                      Valynn82- USA
                      waterrose USA
                      WiriNZ- New Zealand
                      woodsywoods -USA
                      wuzupdoc -Costa Rica
                      xbox_gamer1 - USA
                      yveslopez -USA
                      zoink_916 - USA
                      zeushd - USA
                      Zzzoney64 - USA

                      Well that is about it Hope to keep making friends and learning about new people and places via this webcast for a long time. If you have any other questions just ask.

                      Note I do work at home so no I am not always watching chat if I miss something you said I was not ignoring you was just busy doing something else at the moment.
                      Thanks and Enjoy

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