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                      I have decided to keep updating this about section every once in a while due to a few technical difficulties. What I want to make known is that I DO NOT TOLERATE TROLLING OF ANY KIND. I know some people find it funny, but I do not. There will not EVER be any guest chatting on my channel.

                      On my jtv channel 7 years ago I used the guest chatting option and nothing good has ever come from it. It is usually the fake people who claim to be your friends who come in as guests who get banned. My policy is simple: if you do not like me, you have no reason to be hanging out with me anywhere.

                      My channels online and my social media such as twitter, blogspot, facebook, fotolog, pinterest, youtube and other outlets are for FUN AND PLEASURE. I am not online trying to get therapy or trying to ask total strangers what they think of me. I really do not care. If I did, I would open the guest chat and allow the trolls to have a field day.

                      1.How old are you?

                      I was born on July 11th, 1972. Do the MATH.

                      2. Do you have kids?

                      Yes, I have a daughter. I gave birth to her June 13th, 2006. It took me 27 hours and it hurt like hell. I also breastfed and stayed home on leave with pay to take care of her for almost 4 and a half years. I will not let anyone try to delegitimize these precious moments of my life with their cruel, dehumanizing trolling.

                      3. Where are you from?

                      People usually ask this question because they do not think I sound black (please insert quotation marks, the number 39 shows up instead of the quotation marks when I try to type them). It is very insulting, but I have heard this type of thing since I was 6 years old living in the USA. I speak with an EIC accent which is standard pronunciation without an accent from any other language. That is WHY people CANNOT figure out where I am from by hearing my spoken English. I speak English for International Communication because I was educated in the USA, New Zealand and Australia. I was born in Brazil and live in Norway, Brazilian Portuguese and Norwegian HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW I SPEAK ENGLISH.

                      4. Are you a model?

                      No, but I was in the 90s. I did printwork, runway and tv commercials. I did not do a lot of it and I am not claiming to have been a supermodel. I was the only black girl in a shampoo commercial that aired from 1999 to 2009 in Brazil. This commercial was for shampoos for ALL KINDS OF WOMEN, it was NOT a commercial for hair relaxer or weaves. There is nothing wrong with those. I am just stating this to explain why I am proud of being in that commercial. I was honored to have been amongst women of other ethnicities representing Black Brazilian Beauty.

                      5. Do you think you are better than everyone else?

                      No, I have never said anything like that. I know I come off as arrogant when I talk about my education, but I am only very proud of these accomplishments and grateful to my parents who made sure I finished HIGH SCHOOL, UNIVERSITY AND WENT ALL THE WAY TO GET A MASTER S DEGREE. I am going to start my Doctorate in the area of Linguistics or Literature NEXT YEAR (2016). Once I achieve that degree, I would love to see what else people will have to say is missing. The other day some imbecile came to my channel and asked me if I ONLY had a Masters (please insert apostrophe between the word Master and the letter s, there is a glitch on vaughn that shows the number 39 when I try to do it). Most Black Brazilian Women do not even finish Junior High. So, HELL YEAH I am proud that my parents were both educated and made sure my brother and I were as well. That does NOT in any way mean I think I am better than anyone. I am happy I have a great education. I am good at the languages I speak and the literature I know and teach.

                      6. How many languages do you speak?

                      I have the Michigan Proficiency in English, the Bergenstest Proficiency in Norwegian, I am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. There are 4 abilities in any given language and developing those means you can speak a language. Without at least 3 of these abilities in a language, no one should be claiming to SPEAK A LITTLE THIS OR A LITTLE THAT. I speak 6 languages: Norwegian, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Swedish and Danish. I have studied Italian, French and German before, but I will never be like those people who say they speak a little of a language because they can say a dozen words in them. I am only going to claim the languages I have at least 3 of the 4 abilities in and they are listed above.

                      7. Why do you ban everyone?

                      I do not ban everyone. I only ban trolls, misogynistic pigs, racist people and people I find annoying. You may not agree with the reasons I have to ban people, but there is always a reason.

                      8. Why are you wearing a bikini in your profile picture?

                      I am the bikini ambassador. I promote a positive body image for every woman on this planet whether they have big or small boobs, a big booty or no booty at all, whether they are skinny, average weight or plus size. I have over 150 bikinis and I sing songs and show them on my channel. I DO NOT DANCE. I AM NOT A STRIPPER (not that there is anything wrong with being one, I just do not have the talent to dance and if I did, I would not have the courage to strip. I believe it is a choice women make and I am not going to bash them for this.

                      9. Do you broadcast on pornographic sites like chaturbate, myfreecams, cam4, etc?

                      No, I never did and I never will. People can say never say never, but this I can say NEVER about because porn of any kind is not for me. I also recognize and acknowledge that women make these choices for their own reasons and I respect them. I just do not want this for myself or my daughter. This does not mean I am bashing others for making that sort of choice. They are making money, probably more money than I do teaching, translating, writing articles and lecturing. I care about these things that I do and I am okay never being rich from my occupations.

                      10. Why are you here?

                      I am an entertainer: I teach languages, I teach literature, I sing songs, I show bikinis, I do chat shows, I do a prank call every three years, I bring something to the table that most other casters do not. I do all of this without being drugged up or drunk. I rarely ever drink, maybe once a year. I DO NOT DO DRUGS. I do not smoke marijuana either. I am not judging anyone who does. Life is all about making choices and I respect theirs.

                      11. Did you leave Battlecam?

                      No, I did not leave Battlecam. I still broadcast there and also on other sites like ivlog, tinychat and youtube (I do live shows under my real account, something I will never share on here.)

                      12. Is your name really Anna Williams?

                      Of course NOT. A Brazilian woman who married a Danish/Norwegian guy would never have this name. WILLIAMS is not a Brazilian last name, neither is it Danish or Norwegian, so I would not have gotten this name by marriage either. I think it is ridiculous that people think this is my real name.

                      13. What is your real name?

                      I am not ever going to share this on here. Too many people hate me on these camsites because they believe I think I am better than everyone else and others hate me because of the color of my skin (there are lots of racists on these camsites). So it would NOT BE SAFE for me to give out my real name.
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